Privacy Policy is part of Blackdog Upholstery Limited and, for the purposes of the information which you provide to us, acts as the data controller. This means that we are responsible for what happens to the information that you give to us. We will at all times comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and make sure that we keep your data secure and steps are taken to prevent any unauthorised access to your information.

What data do we collect?

We collect all of the information which you submit to us. For example, when you sign up to receive our newsletter or when you communicate with us in any way (for example, email, Facebook, Twitter or in one of our stores). This information will include any passwords, usernames, contact details, account details, preferences, interests and details of any complaints you may have made. We will also collect information when you buy from us on our website or in one of our stores. This will include the time and date of your purchase, the goods you purchased and details of any relevant payment card you used.

From time to time we may access publically available information about you on the internet to assist in fraud prevention, for identity verification (such as to confirm we have the correct address details for you) and for marketing purposes, as set out in more detail below.

We also look at your activity on our website, for example, what device you’re using and what products you’re looking at. Much of this information is collected by cookies.

What do we do with your data?

We use your data to fulfill any orders you place with us. We also share your data with third-party service providers who help us to do this and to generally operate our business effectively. If you want to provide us with feedback on your experience, such third parties may contact you via email to give you the option to do this. You can always leave your feedback anonymously if you would prefer.

We also use your data for marketing purposes which may mean that you will receive marketing communications from us, or carefully selected third parties. However, if you do receive marketing communications from other companies, we will endeavor to ensure that the company in question and its products will be as relevant to you as possible.

How do I manage my data?

We always give you the choice of whether or not you wish to receive marketing communications from us. By contacting us you can tell us that you do not wish to receive marketing communications from us and we will update our records. You can also click on the unsubscribe link in any promotional emails.

If at any time you want to talk to us about your data, for example, if you spot a mistake, or if you want to change how we market to you, please also contact us.

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